Canadian bullshit council response to complaint

D4A7B910-DDB9-403E-863B-98AA618366CD4385841E-3F67-45E9-B1D6-30E6EE57F551Basically this guy saved judge ass and he did not forward the complaint front of the council,about this disobeying judge order has consequences jail time is for only criminal cases not for the civil case ,so they can eat shit about it,as you see how much these ass holes are sold out and connected each other,you see the timing ?right after discovery))and this guy response is odd about warning and trying to scare you about jail or bullshit,I will fuck him up on my blog this fucking ass hole Norman Saborin shitty guy will be published and this guy’s response would have consequences


Saturday I have god arrested and spend a night at the Brampton police station

Reality of Canada,This arrest won’t stop me writing on this blog the truth nothing but the truth despite I will work harder and harder to share this information with the world.

Here we go another crooked monkey shitty business wrong arrest and charged for extortion.

Canadian way of justice system.

I felt like I am a mafia member and real criminal who puts a gun on the head of a guy and demanding money.

In forty years this one was my first time that I have been arrested.

1-Harrasment of police officers

2-Phycologicaly Tortured at the police station.

3-Tortured with the cold,I had to sleep on a stone bed with my tshirt  I asked many times my hoody’s sport jacket and they  refused to give it to me.

released on bail in the morning after spending almost 24 hours in a cell at the police station.

What I understand from here, If you remember from my previous article that I put on my blog about  my experience with the justice of piece and articles still on my blog,When I tried to make charges against doctors for perjury with valid court record was evidence,my private prosecution particular has been either denied by the Justice of peace  or they covered them all up.

Same with the lawyers ,when I tried to get criminal lawyers charged with valid evidence ,Justice of peace again refused to charge on lawyers for fraud ,uttering forged documents etc.

When some crooked and corrupt cops charged me on a civil case without any criminal ground,I have got charged and arrested for Extortion,never heard of it before and neither my cell mates some of them been there more then 10 times and when they asked me what is the charge I told them Extortion and they were like What!!

They have never heard of any charges name called Extortion,I guess criminal organization related charge.

This is the difference between an ordinary citizen’s right and others rights.

1-I will fill up a  complaint against Canadian government and government organizations related to this mess , one more time to the human rights council of the UN for Tortured physically  and  physiologically

2-Make my formal complaint against police officer who ever is behind this arrest on a civil ground that  fail to listen to me.

I wasn’t born yesterday and I don’t give any cause criminally but I can’t stop them to produce and create one.

Next time bring your army police is not enough.




There you go another mother fucker sold out judge E.M.Morgan Superior Court of Justice

There is a judgement regarding payment of Unica Insurance,judgement has been made in January 30 2018 and I wasn’t aware of that hearing Unica insurance failed to send me documents and judgement has been made without my presence.

After I made my complaint to the fsco ,they send me this judge order regarding how Unica should make the payment.

And now I made a complaint against this crooked judge Morgan to the Canadian judicial council,Actually I call them Canadian Bullshit council that what usually they do.Either they don’t response or they cover the judge asses.

What a wonderful way of Fucking Canadian Justice System


Superior court of bullshit and Unica bullshit insurance


To :The Accountant of the Superior Court of Justice Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee
595 Bay Street, Suite 800
Toronto, ON M5G 2M6
or fax your letter to The Accountant at 416-314-6700.
I Arif Sahinbay I have found out that money has been deposited on the account no:P001454404

1-I wasn’t aware of this payment
2-I didn’t give any consent to Unica insurance company to make this payment on this account instead sending me full cheque.
3-Holding this amount or receiving this amount on this account is not legal with out my knowledge or my consent.
4-As a self represent litigant respect to the arbitration decision and result of this decision ,such a payment must have directly forwarded to me.
5-As I know that you have received this payment and you should have let me know about this payment and you are failed to do so.
6-I am aware of that Blacklock law firm try to garnish some amount from the different litigation (tort)and they have no right to charge or garnish any amount from this account since they have no involvement nor related to this arbitration therefore I am strongly suggesting to you ,do not release any money from this account to the Blacklock law firm
7-I am aware that there are previous lawyers have charging order on this arbitration decision that some how they were related to the case and with out my consent or proper assessment on their bill I strongly prohibit you to make any payment to any of them.
8-Just because of this issue I will file complaint to the UN Human Right Council against
A-)Attorney General Canada
B-)Attorney General Ontario
C-)Ministry of justice
D-)Government of Canada

and this will be shared and informed to the Member of parliament and also shared and published on my blog.

Arif Sahinbay
416 797 5623

Po Box:80005 Lakeshore Village
Etobicoke/Ontario/ M8V 4A1