I did my best it is Mr.Ford’s turn



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  1. People need to realize that just because you tossed out the previous premier and her office the same people continue to operate in the government entities of the OMAG WSIB FSCO OSC therefore the many corrupted individuals in these various ministries still remain. The Toronto star reported on the OMAG where intimidation tactics doctoring of documents bullying is carried on. The same characters no doubt still remain as senior employees despite a new premier. It’s at these levels we need to clean up. We need to help honest government workers do their jobs competently and fairly. That’s why we need to help whistle blowers and that is why honest hard working government employees and law enforcement need to do the same. The threat to homeland security is from the dishonest crooks that run rampant and each province and the federal government need to work together with full inquiries that are public to clean the country up. All posters need not be afraid as CSIS is watching and monitoring and they work for us the citizens of Canada.

  2. Hey way to go writing yo our new premier. Let’s see what he does about the parasites. I was reading Donald Best website and Ford can start right there. We can give him a can of RAID … compliments of Ontario citizenx.

  3. Also perhaps he can inquire as to why Harper former Prime Minister attended The White House. Could it be about the Mike Huxtable Terry Harper Jeb Bush fiasco and drug trade into Canada as posted on the donald best website and a solicitor named William Gilmour. Harper was apparently involved so these websites do make a difference. Journalists are asking this question .

  4. RAID is also available to Ford to clean up the parasites in your story ARIF . Perhaps RAID will go on sale next week and the government can buy in bulk and save even more.

  5. A true leader is kind and compassionate. That compassion is displayed when they read stories of corruption done against another human being and it pulls at their heart strings and they will do everything in their power to help the victims. We do not fi d any leaders in Canada who have stepped up to the plate. We will give Ford the opportunity to display true compassion by cleaning up corruption and pushing for asccountability against those who wronged Arif…Donald Best Paul Manning David Simetic the English Family in Tofino BC and countless others who had their land stolen were wrongfully charged and imprisoned or whistle blew and lost their jobs or had other acts done against them. Put on your shirt Justin Trudeau and do your job, Your shirtless photo surfing in BC did nothing to help the English family who had their resort stolen and a terrorist act done against them.

    Your being given the stage Ford let’s see your heartstrings pulled and tears come to your eyes as you read these stories . You have the power to do good. Let’s see I it happen. Lets hold the bullies accountable in your courts. Lets get rid off organized crime in our justice system and law enforcement.

  6. Doug Ford the citizens of Ontario have given you the power to bring change. Will you choose wisely and hold the bullies and crooked accountable. Will you rid our law enforcement of organized crime and will you clean up the ministeries of corrupt individuals who stink up the province. WILL YOU FEEL COMPASSION when you read Donald Best who was imprisoned wrongfully by a crooked jjudge. Does his story make you feel his pain. A true leader is one who feels another’s pain and works hard to right the wrongs done. Are you the right person for the job. Will you face the citizens and vow to clean our justice system of parasites. To clean our financial institutions of bacteria known as organized crime. Are you ready to get tough on the muscitanos pappalia and rizzutto crime families and the other leeches of society that are hurting our children..Are you prepared to hold crooked cops accountable. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOUR ACTION.

  7. I read the post on Donald Best website and followed the link to read the story of the drug trade into Canada a crooked lawyer named William Gilmour and some crooked law enforcement. That’s what entered my mind when I heard Harper was going to the white house. Very interesting and out of the ordinary.

  8. Doug Ford you have the stage so are you going to clean up corruption in this province. A strong leader is kind and compassionate and he feels the pain of someone who is wronged. Do you ferl the pain of Donald Best when he was wrongly imprisoned. WILL YOU HOLD THE CROOKED JUDGE AND LAWYERS ACCOUNTABLE. WE ARE WAITING . A great leader does everything in his power to help others and it brings tears to his eyes to read the story of the English family in Tofino B.C. who had their resort stolen by crooked thieves and a terrorist act committed against them. You have bern given power Ford. What action will you take to bring jystice to the citizens and clean up our jystice system and rid our police forces of crooked cops. We are waiting.

  9. Arif. You have created a stir with your message to Ford and his reply. GOOD GOING. The parasites need to be eradicated and jailed. They need to be sent to a prison camp and work 10 to 12 hours a day in the hot sun or in frigid conditions so thry can experience what victims of corruption feel. FORD you are now responsible for making the Muscitanos the Papalias the Rizzutto crime families and others be held accountable for the terror and chaos thry have inflicted on Ontario and Canadian citizens. You have bern entrusted with power to hold them accountable and the corrupt cops thry link with. You can’t run and hide from the task.

  10. I can win a trip to the Bahamas worth 29000 if I shop at the Super Store. Since they have the UFCW union there is the UFCW pension plan funding the tr or Is it to ease their conscience for the UFCW trustees and ex molesting priest father Ron Kelly and the fraud of 250 million bilked from the pension plan while Cliff Evans was pals with Bob Rae. I hope you stay at Atlantis Paradise Island in an oceanview suite. Unchartered.ca is where to read all about it. I can see why espionage spying was done against these whistle blowers. The government of Ontario was funding it. Would that be the corrupt ones. I dont shop there .

    Father Ron Kelly is wanted for money laundering in the Bahamas I am told and was involved with the maffia.

    I am a journalist. I have been asked to post this story. You can be sure it’s true as the threat was real and this person is courageous to air the threat. A threat loses weight when its made public. Thats why we encourage everyone with stories to make them public. An rcmp detachment in the GTA and liaisons with all police forcex in the area and this is where you will no doubt find organized crime/ maffia and crooked cops. A threat was made by metro toronto policr linked to this detachment of taking ones kids if the person came to give a story of corruption a crooked law firm and espionage spying. Spying committed against a pregnant female with an Ontario government link. The person is courageous as they have stated.. criminals threaten and cover up…I challenge the crooked to taking my kids without just cause. Seems the crooked cops have run away. Yes low level microwaves were used against a pregnant female and later after meeting crooked cops the low level microwaves became more intense. Someone was watching the crooked and it may link to the FBI . Why. Because Unions involved operate in both countries and so does a lawfirm. We were given a tip. This person is courageous and wants to warn fellow Canadians what crooked people are doing in Canada. It is disgusting and it is all true and the appropriate authorities cover it up. No one would have this story aired and take on corrupt law enforcement and government if it wasn’t a true story.

    Do not bother to try and figure out the identity of this person. Do not invade their privacy. If you do you will suffer the consequences and public humiliation. You hack into their stuff you will be linked to corrupt cops and maffia. You will be linked to espionage spying. So my advice. Follow the unchartered.ca story. …..demand answers of your government .demand a public inquiry. … demand public accountability.

    Let’s see who has the guts at Queens Park to ask this in question period. It’s a legitimate cover up of a massive scale. It involves crooked people in the justice system and law enforcement.

    This person exposed the use of low level microwaves long before Canadian and USA diplomats were hit in Cuba. It is a real threat.

    Someone is getting nervous. That is why no doubt tips are being called in about bomb threats banking threats and other attacks. No Doubt to cause law enforcement to have to investigate making the bigger issues get hidden and not investigated. Paid hackers no doubt are doing it. WOW how low do corrupt people go. Arif your term parasites is perfect. Bang on right. To the politicians and their fake compassion we see through it. To the premier of Quebec who came to Ontario. Stay out of our province and clean up the scrum in yours. You have plenty of scrum known as the Rizzuttos and Bikers. Corrupt politicians corrupt police are the source of injustice. Being in bed with organized crime is a recipe for disaster and chaos. It brings about angry people. It makes for sham of a country pretending to observe human rights or have laws to protect people. Their laws are to protect the crooked.

    Here is a tip…The culprits involved are named in unchartered,ca ..were donors to Julian Fantinos campaign for MP of Vaughan and somewhere on Donald Best website. They were either involved in paying money to silence..hired hackers or funded hackers… stole stuff..spied illegally..used low level microwaves or other bugs and were corrupt cops or government.

    To the espionage spying in the vehicle of the whistle blower this post is a dead ringer to what they said would be aired. ILL add my journalistic flair.,.SERENA RYDERS song…what I wouldn’t do…sounds better What I’m going to do..

    The person who experienced low level microwaves is fine. They are experiencing health problems from it. They were forced into early retirement and no compensation. But they are happy and they travel the world freely and without fear. They meet people and learn many experiences. People are attracted to this person as they are bright humorous and compassionate and wiIlling to help anyone. Thus you can trust their story. It’s all true. Their courage and challenge to crooked cops and or government is proof positive the story is huge and all true.

    1. Hey parasites of society known as law enforcement…what are you doing about this story. It sounds legitimate based on the Cuban incident and it appears they are a regular citizen. Care to discuss this at Queens Park . Reading unchartered.ca and it’s rather incredible and I also read the billionaire Muzzo family is related to the crime families and the former Minister of Attorney General was in bed with this billionaire and so was former liberal premier David Peterson . Hanky Panky going on in Ontario and another of that family rips off his employees and the government does nothing. Corruption alive and well in Canada it seems. If you acquire wealth by hard work that’s fine but whining and dining with politicians bribery extortion thats a different story. The evidence is on the internet to read and we can read the 19i0’s construction and organized crime inquiry.

  11. Is Justin Trudeau protecting former premier Bob Rae.I Read his article in some magazine prior to the June election. Trying to cover up your stuff Brother Bob ? Perhaps our magazines and newspapers fail to write about the important stuff. The Rae days are nothing compared to the greasy union leaders link and maffia. If Trudeau is protecting Bob Rae then Trudeau is not to be trusted and his crooked RCMP are protecting them both.

  12. Mind you I did think Bob Rae’s Rae Days were smart and he did take over the province in hard economic times. The problem is he got involved with slimy union leaders with maffia ties so was brother Bob a wimp? Did he look at corruptness as a way to get rich ? only he can answer that and since there is a push for a public inquiry of corrupt politicians and law enforcement will Brother Bob squeal??? Who will force him to squeal??.

  13. The crooked were all on display in Toronto after the van attack. The corrupt who cover up for the crooked and organized crime all together with their fake compassion. Interesting how much is not said anymore. I would like to know how the victims are doing and what help they have received. The papers are quiet. So is the groping by Justin Trudeau of the female which apparently the CBC tried to silence the story. Isnt groping a criminal offence? Even if the perpetrator says sorry. Hey RCMP you know the ones protecting Bob Rae and Trudeau. Isn’t groping considered sexual assault?

  14. The government cleaned up for the crooked .in Ontario but the maffia link into government .is still there..,.just like the emails of Hilary Clinton disappeared. But wait if the USA Intel is so honest then the USA intelligence has Hilary Clinton’s deleted emails too. Which incriminate her. All of them. Produce the emails .

    Here is an anonymous tip…Muzzo family which is related to Muscitanos pappalia and rizzutto crime families and this is confirmed by police and they were watched by the police has a relative in a union on unchartered.ca. He ripped off workers bullied and told union officials what to do or was in bed with them. He had a party and there were metro cops there as guests. Also hockey players. The labourers union had allegations of maffia interference. The UFCW union had maffia connections too. Were the cops at the party crooked and on their payroll? Was the maffia connection the bullying factor in the union. This Rip off artist of hard working Canadians. Is the crooked cops attached to this Muzzo guy? GREAT QUESTIONS No question will be covered up. NO ONE IS IMMUNED from these questions. I hear a round up is coming. Crooked cops alike and their maffia connections. They have been watched.

    The crooked cop in Hamilton charged with being on the payroll of organized crime and has another 16 charges it’s truly laughable that his lawyer is trying to stay the proceedings before he is sentenced. Total joke as Paul Manning outed this crooked cop years ago and he finally got caught and found guilty. Another parasite lawyer needed to go to a prison camp along with his crooked client. I loved that comment about a prison camp. Fantastic penalty. Work for free. I bet the employees of that Muzzo contractor would love to see him in prison camp. working 12 hrs a day . He is not liked whatsoever. Hated actually. Whistleblowers went to FSCO with allegations and were ignored.

  15. ARIF…ask Doug Ford if he is aware the mob controls north bay Ontario and maffia was seen in trade unions in Sudbury and since the Canada Revenue Services has offices in Sudbury has the maffia infiltrated our CRA and government offices and we like an answer since there was election tampering in Sudbury with Kathleen Wynne s staff

  16. What a great job you have done Arif with this blog and having a one on one with Premier Ford. Ontario says thank you. Your courage is contagious.

    With respect to the bread prici fixing story which is very interesting Loblaws did come forward to whistle blow. For that he does deserve support of his stores Loblaws is among the last of a true Canadian enterprise and competes with walmart. Did the UFCW cause corruption in Loblaws ? Did organized crime linked to government get into the pension plans of many ? Great questions. They need answering and it appears crooked law enforcement covers it up in bed with justice system.

    I for one look forward to an inquiry with Weston testifying. I f you look at the UFCW pension plan milking and fraudster Ron Kelly it reeks of government cover up and organized crime. A crooked union. Thus one will ask was crooked government in bed with organized crime the instigators of the bread price fixing ?

  17. I read on CP 24 a man was reported nude in his backyard according to OPP in Norfolk County. Now if it was a woman no one would complain I m ure. Hey better arrest the man and fill the courts and jail up so the crooked cops and crooked government officials and crooked lawyers and judges fall by the wayside. Let’s see what causes more mayhem and danger a nude man sunbathing of mobsters and crooked copss?. Let’s do a survey!!

  18. Is it true the Durham Region police and OPP have been wiretapping tbe girl hit while pregnant with low level microwaves for years and they are still on the phone.? They were wiretapping a family member as well. They are welcoome to explain what tbey have done to cover up the low level microwaves electronic stalking and harassment not to mention expose of corruption

  19. Did the crooked law firm of the pregnant female hit by microwaves hire crooked OPP cops or Durham Region Police like was done to Donald Best? Or did they perhaps do stuff themselves? Hired hackers in order to cover up corruption or hire stalkers and harasses? They can answer that themselves. We are putting the spotlight on the corrupted because these corrupted ones have a lot to answer for. Were they in bed with the Ontario government? Very legit questions based on the high level of corruption and cover up in Ontario. Moral of the story..don’t be crooked and then you won’t have to answer questions.

  20. I Googled crooked lawyers and one blog the person used every colorful word to describe crooked lawyers. Scumbag Slimeball etc. It was rather funny as you read it and if included names of lawyers. But it was also sad as you could feel this person’s anger being expressed in words as they were no doubt ripped off by scumbag lasyers and no one does anything. You read this and you can’t help but ferl their pain and frustration. I should become a lawyer and kick these slomeballs in court. In Donald Best case you throw a chair at me or books or use profanity in court and you better beware . Hey RCMP reading this isn’t bullying a criminal offence and it appears these lawyers bullied in our courtroom setting and you do nothing. What message are you sending to children as they can read Donald Best website as well. They are watching as adults get away with corruption.
    We are seeing a real life John Gisham book and movie THE FIRM in Ontario and THE PELICAN brief from Donald Bests story. Incredible stuff.

    1. Hey the crooked are welcome to sue me for calling them crooked when they are. The scrum crime families can do the same. Love to meet them. Remind them guns are not allowed in court. Send the lawsuit to Berry Farmer in Thailand or drop it off at all the crooked law firms found on the internet. Is ex molesting priest Ron Kelly in Thailand drop The scumbags known as crime families who inflict terror in our country need a rude awakening. So do the governments who support them. They make the work of honest people difficult.

  21. I was reading up on the charges against a number of crime figures in Quebec and their lawyers asked how the RCMP spy. Who cares how they spy and get their information. Parasites need special attention to catch them. We support the RCMP in their endeavors. We Canadians want them jailed and we don’t care how you do it. If our army can go in to get the enemies so can the rcmp.I think we need the army to clean up mobsters and crooked right here on Canadian soil.

    1. In Sept. 2012 Ben Soave former RCMP stated that organized crime was in government in Ontario and Canada. what made former Premier Dalton McGuinty up and quit. He asked for proof of organized crime in government publicly. Was Dalton McGuinty spooked as he knew it was true ? The girl hit by microwaves was there during McGuintys leadership. It happened under his watch so to speak. We demand answers . Any intimidation tactics are ignored. It also was under Kathleens watch too.. These are blazing questions. Feel free to answer them publicly. please drop off the subpoena at you know where. Were waiting for it. The fact you won’t helps the powers of deduction figure out why not.

  22. Anyone want to buy espionage lightbulbs. Maybe the OPP or RCMP. Sorry Not for sale. People created anxiety and stress on a pregnant female they hurt her body have caused financial stress have wrecked havoc in her life. Some one is getting nervous I hear. The sound of music has a great song..how do you solve a problem like Maria. Is it true some posters are causing problems. So the crooked meet in order to solve the problems …does the camera click at their meetings ?

    1. Spooky spooky…people are getting nervous…crooked OPP crooked rcmp perhaps. Or lawyers or organized crime ..maybe Metro Toronto police would like the lightbulb. ..we can ask them…but that’s ok they are not being sold. Ask the Canadian and Ontario government if they bought any stolen stuff from the lightbulbs or did they help fund the lightbulbs. Again some one was having fun with that theft. I hear some Italians were involved. Any rich ones …wealthy ones that Canada covers up for……perhaps they can come online and reveal themselves .. That follower of a child’s Instagram acct exposes wealthy Canada involved. Now why would a certain account from Oshawa be following a child’s account sniff sniff sniff…naughty naughty….they got their just desserts on Saturday…for following a child.. Rather hilarious outing …lesson to be learned…stop following children…..every breath you take Ill be watching you… Creepy creepy…that song played along with mickey blue eyes on Saturday night. ..so I thought it was fitting. …them lightbulbs go with that song. . don’t we have a crooked Judge from the Durham region. Lightbulbs not for sale but RAID is available in the stores. RAID for bugs and pests. I wonder if that poster creates problems for the crooked. Lets figure out which ones irritate the crooked. Shockwaves went through the legal field in the Toronto area when the Rizzutto lawyer was charged and bugs were used in the law office. An unprecented move that was legal. The sentence was too low that the lawyer got. Once again crooked judicial system protecting scunbags. This guy was linked to crooked cops . Crooked cops are scrum too. Selling police info to mobsters or their lawyers is tantamount to treason as it puts the citizens lives in danger. Thus the crooked cops and lawyer committed treason and they endangered Canadian citizens. What a lowball sentence. ..disgusting…to the crooked police in Paul Manning’ s ordeal…you getting scared…you trying to call in favors…click click click…the camera rolls.. You tube I see is outing you…bravo Paul Manning…your courageous .. Just like Arif. Is and we owe you thanks…. We feel for you all…we despise crooked cops and maffia and crooked lawyers…

  23. We are having fiun at the expense of crooked people. It is very serious though with respect to the extent of corruption in Canada . We know where the crooked cops are . We know the maffia is in the Ontario government . We have been trying to bait them. Has it worked. Has the clicking sounda of wiretaps and cameras been catching them. WE wait to see. Donald Best is courageous. He has trapped the crooked . Say hi to the maffia that was watching someone whether directly or with cops help. Would you like an LED light crooked cops. Or did you pay for the bug inside.. We are causing chaos.

  24. Yes we definitely have been baiting them. For years actually. We tried to entice a high profile lawyer as well. Was he money laundering ? Hey the lightbulb is not for sale and the raping bugs at night are a no no. They have a canadian government link. We baited the crooked once again so what a story to tell. . Hey crooked. Care to comment. Were shining the light and were giving you a yellow carpet to walk. Yellow is for cowards. Perhaps its the yellow brick road leadiing to the land of Oz. Hey you can sweep a mattress for bugs or perhaps the spying bugs pick it up outside. I hear Julie Coulliard former girlfriend of Maxine Bernier a Canadian official found evidence of bugs in her mattress. He left papers at her house. Official papers. So who had motive to plant bugs in the mattress. Interesting as a tip was given to check a mattress at a certain household. The girl hit while pregant with microwaves?. If you want the best queations asked you found the right place to read it. Keep coming here for updates. You can always check the wires to the furnace too. We found a signal there in the wires at a certain house and it leads to the ducts and vent. That silly rabbit twix are for kids. Stop playing with the bug detector.

  25. To tbe person with the clone of the phone. Stop making songs appear. like on Saturday. Beethoven with the word DIE in its title isnt acceptable. I dont like Beethoven whatsoever. Get real. We can tell you which law firm has stolen photos in their possession . How did they get them?

  26. You did a great job Arif.

    And yes the maffia either directly or through crooked cops or government thrreatened union members and they asked a union president to call the members homes to stop tgem from going to the CRA.

    1. We are posting questions that are all legit based on leaked evidence of cover up crooked police and government. Can’t cover up Ben Soave. Former RCMP and his public remarks. lets see that was in 2012 and Paul Manning has outed crooked police. Leaked documents prove it as well and rcmp link to government. There are many stories of corruption following same line and cover up is involved. So the crooked and those who cover up will be put in the spotlight to answer the questions. They might not like it but too bad. Hey corrupted asking police to investigate posters. Now that would be a joke but that’s what you would expect. The latest one is crooked police services board in Ottawa link to organized crime on you tube. Someone leaked it and are the OPP investigating. Yes or no . The chief of police in Ottawa says the videos fake. Really did you get a voice analyst. I’m sure you can pay for it. You are police you can do it easily. Seems a huge cover up again. That chief of police doesn’t seem trustworthy and the comment prove that. All these stories give citizens the right to ask tough questions. Yes union members threatened by thugs no doubt were investigated by crooked to try and see if they could silence them. We haven’t named the union. Why would we. They know who it is. Its a huge cover up so it gets placed alongside other cover ups. Cover ups have criminal roots. Can’t deny that. Thus be prepared to be pounded with tough questions. If you ripped off hard working Canadians bullied Canadians then you are corrupted. If you used low level microwaves hit a body with them then that’s a heinous act. The reasons and who might be responsible will be asked and you should not have crooked cops running around protected by government or have money laundering drug proceed lawyers being let free by crooked government. You can’t deny it we all have seen it so you will be pounded whether you like it or not and we don’t be intimidated so lets see…nothing for you to investigate about me…nothing…so if you try your crooked or cover up for crooked. But remember we figure that out long before posting stuff. So my suggestion go clean up the crooked…buy some RAID and RAID the crooked offices and put them where they belong. In a padded cell. Stop investigating the messenger and the innocent. You don’t have enough funds to do both. May I suggest you use tax money to put more border patrol as well. We need it but we need those who can’t be bribed. May I suggest you read a dictionary and the law ones and know how to interpret them the right way so corrupt cops face a tough penalty when in bed with organized crime. May I suggest you clean up money laundering lawyers and judges who protect them. We citizens have had enough. For any wealthy asked tough questions. Too bad. I hear union members talked about a contractor in the maffia and if you had issues be careful you might get in trouble. hmm.. Out of the mouths of citizens . Wow. You can’t get in trouble for outing crookedness. The crooked just love to intimidate. So yes the stories flow freely when one is not being watched. Common knowledge police were watching them. So care to sue lots of people. I doubt it. Remember clean and honest police are there Too so we do play with the crooked. And those who cover up. No covering up Ex molesting priest Father Ron Kelly fraudster of 250 million dollars with inept FSCO and law firms. Huge and one they can’t weasel out of. No matter how they try. It will keep appearing. And those associated in the cover up will have tough questions directed their way.

      1. Spooks galore. Scarey Halloween. This is not a wimpy Ontario court or Canadian Supreme Court. Its the auditor General Canadian citizen style to give a blazing report. Far too many crooked cops in bed with maffia to government… a judicial maffia preying on people. Denying Canadians their rights..money laundering lawyers of drug proceeds let off the hook…we the people speak and Arif is correct. Instead of getting justice he got arrested. Donald Best went to jail for contempt based on false testimony of crooked lawyers. They lied outright. We heard it with our Canadian ears. A false affidavit. CRA you covering up for possible fictitious account thus covering up crooked lying lawyers. Then who else do you cover for? What other law firms do you and RCMP cover for. Do you protect drugs into Canada as well. DOJ does. RCMP does. Very incriminating cover up. We hear you audit whistleblowers. We hear benefits are held back. What workers do that. Someone instructs them to. OMAG bullies and scares employees. We read that in our newspaper. People bully to intimidate and cover up so the auditor general of the citizens is giving a blazing report. Whistle blowers lose their jobs whistle blowers are ignored. Whistle blowers are stalked and harassed. Care to comment. Journalists do have guts. Journalists do like to bait crooked. If they are being spooked then we did our job. I see the Attorney Generals office was spooked. Desperate. Is not an Attorney General to be respected and held to a higher standard. This one sure isn’t. Funny business going on. We can thank Donald Best so now we can state as fact Canadians cannot enter any court room with confidence in justice but rather they can enter a court room with injustice swirling and the honest judges have now been tarnished because of the crooked ones including an Attorney General that reeks of garbage smell. Isn’t that a scathing report from Canadian citizens.

  27. Did you know there are people who used espionage spying to locate a poster. We purposely used the individual to bait using a post. And sure enough the espionage tool was used against a body. Whoever controls that espionage tool is a rapist and an assaulter. It injures the body and why don’t we tell everyone what the post was about. Was it about maffia into law enforcement and government. You bet. So yes we baited them to use the espionage tool so we could share who is involved. It was done on a bed too. Once again a bait. Someone took the bait. Lets see who took the bait. Care to out yourself crooked rapists assaulters scunbags. Parasites slime garbage..thanks for taking the bait…

  28. So clean and honest people did you find the signal. Yes you did. Spooky spooky the crooked are about to be rounded up.

  29. Hey douge bags on meyersade dr mississauga did you pay money to help fund espionage spying. Do you protect crooked people including lawyers. ..do you have crooked cops on the payroll. I have been asked to ask that question. Do you link to crooked government too. Someone is paying big bucks to silence and big bucks to attack citizens. Your not being spared the questions. Silly rabbit twix are for kids and extortion charges are for adults who try to silence by kangaroo court charges who protect crooked lawyers who play dirty with intimidation tactics and Boo Rae with link to crooked and he ran away like a scared puppy dog. You should be interested as you guys were ripped off too. But if you were in bed with these scumbags then your guilty. You can answer the questions. Im sure you want answers to and perhaps karma to the thief father Ron Kelly fraudster. Im sure you want that for thousands and perhaps thousands can be freed from bullies.

  30. I was reading Derrick Snowdys twitter which is public. Its interesting as he gets calls in the middle of the night tips etc that seem absurb. That is par for the course for journalists and whistle blowers. Donald Best watched Durham Police download his evidence and 3 years later still nothings done. Inaction is cover up. Were these dirty rotten scoundrel police, Who knows but the time frame suggests they are. All the posters on here appear credible. The questions are amazing. The crooked are spared no breathing room. Since there are stalkers and harassers who produce fake tips fake websites fake stories to mislead we sniff them out. There is 24 7 monitoring of individuals that whistle blow so we decided the crooked need 24 7 outage so to speak. We knew Arif would be visited so were happy he told everyone. The crooked have been covered up for too long. Inaction by police either personally or by superiors or the justice system needs to end. Whistle blowers being penalized or stalked and harassed is a huge no no. RCMP agents who helped in a drug raid were harassed by their own and they had to go on sick leave and tbey never returned for the trial and the drug dealers walked free. Really. Unacceptable. Crooked superiors no doubt in bed with drug dealers is tbe only explanation that makes sense. The Snowdy documents help to shed light on this. Everything is on the net to read and do homework. Investigate it all. If one feels a cop is crooked tbats his opinion. Honest competent cops never need to worry. Crooked ones do. We will go to bat for the honest ones. We will help them weed out the bad. Same for good employees of the government. Only the corrupt need to worry. We might create a stir on purpose. But thats just to let the crooked know. All questions on here are credible and deserve answering. When someone puts courageous cops lives in danger that calls for citizens to react especially against scumbags known as mobsters.

  31. Why is it journalists have a knack for outing the truth and ridiculous pr news. Derrick Snowdy reveals metro police were looking for a 29 year old but hadnt ID him yet. How would you know he is 29 years if you havent ID him. A little hard to know his age then. I giggled at that. Then we have 5 men who faced 15 million fraud charges and their cases were thrown out as we have vacancies in Superior Court for Judges not filled therefore not enough judges and thus constitutional rights of men will be contravened. Really now. Lets see. In the WSIB tribunal injured workers wait many years for their cases so wouldnt that mean their constitutional rights were infringed on therefore tbe WSIB should have to pay them for waiting. Same reasoning used then. But that does not happen. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Do we not have someone who looks at the trial case load and decides the most important ones to try or wait maybe its extenuating circumstances there isnt a judge so the men need to wait longer than normal. Ask the injured workers how tbey feel waiting 10 years for justice. Hey may I suggest you hire temporary judges until the vacancies are filled then justice can be served for all citizens who may have been affected by the cases being dropped. Can adults not figure out how to solve problems.

  32. Some of us do not like 24 7 monitoring for years so we protest using posts tnat expose crooked people. When was Vito Rizzutto let out of the american prison. Oct 2012 around the same time McGuinty announced his retirement. Again was he spooked? Just interesting questions. Organized crime is into stock manipulation so what would stop them from manipulating government accounts facebook emails etc. Are they into redirecting emails of certain people. What about banking information. The questions can flow easily so in the case of Arif what type of manipulation can be done by insurance companies lawyers if tbey have people with technology skills.

    Mortgage fraud was covered up pretty much in BC. Who was covering it up. The English family in Tofino BC had their resort stolen so what tom foolery occurred there with the help of manipulators crooked lawyers and government.

    If paid cyber terrorists tried to take Donald Bests website down what other manipulation has occurred with respect to the fictious account? A possible money laundering business. Yes big bucks were paid to use remote computers thus an investigation of the fictitious corporation is of tbe upmost importance to see if it links to other money laundering businesses that this law firm might have engaged in. They lied on the affidavits so they are liars and not to be trusted. Wouldnt this call for disbarment. Bullies too. A lawyer lying on affidavits is very serious. Why dont we investigate how many charges have been levied againat average citizens in Ontario courts for perjury and the sentence they received. Should be interesting. Then match it to sentences given to lawyers lying or committing perjury. Wheres RAID for their offices by the CRA. Just because the lying lawyers say the companies legit the evidence proves otherwise. Their affidavit lied to put a man in jail so I wouldnt accept anything from them so whose covering for them.

    I have never met Donald Best just read all his stuff. I love his website. Very well written and informative and he is a very gifted investigative journalist. Too bad he is not a cop still. He has some great posters too who dont care what those lying lawyers judges and crooked cop think. Most Canadians are on Best side and there is more Canadians then crooked cops lawyers judges maffia goverment officials. I suggest to everyone entering a court room please ask the judge what he is doing to support Donald Best and the canadian public. Yes mention Donald Bests case in a court room setting and watch the Judges face. Make sure it is entered by the court reporter.

    Van Allen would have known Best was out of the country but they carried on with the silly charade of locating his ontario whereabouts. Then lying about it. Dont insult our intelligence. This cop with a list of possible charges knew. Donald Best feared for his safety as their was an attack on his vehicle I believe after his address was listed publicly. . How could someone get his info. That is a privacy breach and the privacy commissioner should be inveatigating too. Both Ontario and Canada.
    What a massive cover up affecting all Canadians.

  33. The tragedy in Toronto on the Danforth was committed by a mentally unstable man whose family tried to get him help for years but that 1 billion wasted on e health scandal to pay rich consultants with ties to the liberal government ..now they stole the money from the mentally unstable for help..isnt that the best way to describe it. . Again under McGuintys watch. Research the names of the consultants with ties to McGuinty liberals then research their links to others. .. thats called investigative journalism. .. Premier Ford has a huge job before him with his audit … corruption abounds.. Can Ford bring charges like is being done in other countries. We shall see.

  34. I was reading the RCMP site and they arrested 5 guys on drug offences at Pearson airport in 2017 and the RCMP stated that serious organized crime is a multi faceted and borderless problem that affects all Canadians Exactly but does being a lawyer money laundering the drug proceeds not count as serious. This came from the Toronto north organized crime location of the RCMP. . Does certain lawyers in bed with perhaps the government not count as organized crime. Just Ask in. Because money laundering drug proceeds should weigh high on the scale of organized crime . We would expect that any lawyers let off on money laundering drug charges be reiinvesttigated and their accomplices charged too because those accomplices are crooked cops and crooked government officials.

  35. I read the case of 5 men charged in a huge cocaine operation and a handgun was seized as well. The case fell apart because the arresting rcmp agents were on sick leave after being harassed by their superior named Jym Grimshaw. The prosecutor dropped tbe case at tge preli inary hearing. Excuse me if the rcmp agents were incapacitated then there should have been an extension. These men are dangerous and had weapon kn their possession. What about the rights of canadians against scumbags walking our streets. Do not the rights of citizens that are honest and not criminals take precedence over slime . The rights of Canadians is first and foremost that of criminals and they can wait for trial. If their innocent then they get exonerated but they were caught with the cocaine and gun. How much more evidence do you need to make them wait untill the rcmp agents return. What a bunch of children runni g our judicial system. Even kids caught with candy they were told to leave on the counter know their in trouble. But I guesx we can count on our justice system to let criminals walk free..

  36. Whistle blowers make enemies Arif but who cares we dont want crooked as friends. The girl hit with low level waves while pregnant and after seeing police the metro toronto police stated she was a flight risk. Really now why would the metro police say this? it looks as if they already knew she was coming and they were using trumped up stuff. A flight risk what a total joke. Perhaps ex molesting priest father Ron Kelly wanted for money laundering and being a fraudster is a flight risk. Why did someone steal a passport that was expired from the house of the girl a year later? She did not commit any criminal act so obviously someone knew she was going to tell a story of corruption and stalking and microwaves. Hmmm..I think we are seeing crooked cops here protecting mobsters. The same ones in Bill Majchers affidavit perhaps. I think someone was in the house and on phones of the girl.. Is it legal for the police to stick something on the phone if someone is not suspected of any crime? nope To the person trying to intimidate that crooked police are coming. Tell them to by all means come and they can answer for the sins of the father and their own sins of using microwaves at a person making them sick. Tell them through the wall stelaing and theft is a no no. Tell them to go get the scumbags known as crooked cops off the street and the parasites known as organized crime figures. The intimidation tactic doesnt fizz. They also knew she had found a bug…

  37. Has the Ottawa police services Dude on the tape recording been relieved of his duties with no pay. Organized crime link is serious and if he is in Ottawa he could link to parliament hill. And organized crime into government. My guess its authentic and crooked cops are being hammered. To all police your job is to serve and protect the public and crooked cops are criminals. It is your job to investigate and out those cops. You have cameras tape them and post them. RCMP can use technology to see if the recording is authentic. The fact the Chief of Ottawa police states it fake before its tested indicates a cover up. You can’t possibly state that now can you and to do so is interesting.

    To the crooked cops on the payroll of a crime family and sweat shop factories in the spadina college areas of Toronto you are cockroaches. Ford what are you going to do about organized crime crooked cops etc. They are garbage filling our streets. Crooked cops run around with guns and that is dangerous to the public safety.

    Kathleen Wynne your disgraced former premier tightened the controls of police with respect to crime figures . Was that article correct. With the outage online of crooked police in bed with organized crime the police should be seeing more leeway in how they deal with mobsters. What does that say for Kathleen Wynnes government. Former RCMP agent Ben Soave said it right. Organized crime is in our government. Whose covering these people. A premier.

    I am only a messenger. Go clean up the pollution on the streets and stay away from the journalists.

    May I suggest 24 7 spying of the leaked Ottawa police services Dude as he is a threat to national security if its true.

  38. Hey crooked cops and other crooks. You covering up for organized crime. So much stuff is on the wiretaps. Are crooked cops being embarrassed enough.

  39. It appears the lawyers for Ottawa Police have requested Paul Manning to remove the you tube post of the senior Ottawa police services being in bed with organized crime. They told the source to destroy it. That can amount to criminal obstruction of justice. Hey RCMP you already have the recording and CSIS have you done a voice analysis. This is huge. Organized crime is in the Canadian government and you know it. Destroying evidence request from the Police can be construed as a criminal offence. you know that. I wouldn’t remove the video if I had it. is keep it on. Until the police investigation revealed its not authentic. I wish I had taped it. Thus is getting ugly. Where is our Charbonneay Commission
    What would it be called in Ontario and it now will extend to all of Canada.

  40. On the Global Network is a series called Shades of Blue starring Jennifer Lopez. its all about police corruption and its no doubt playing out in Ontario in real life.

    I love the episode where Harlee arrests the crooked murdering cop and the crooked police chief then holds a news conference to try and make the crooked cop a hero. What a joke and that is how you know they are crooked. The crooked out themselves. The crooked intimidate people. The crooked attack peoples kids.

    We can see that this little news conference did nothing to stop Harlee. At the beginning of season 3 Harlee is before a grand jury .

    Read what is taking place in Ottawa.

    Bravo to police finally going after corruption of their own here in Ontario and bravo to a law firm that told a undercover cop to destroy evidence. We applaud the stupid of some. We applaud the coiurageous cops for their bravery. Canadians support brave courageous police.

  41. Our hearts go out to all Canadians especially in Toronto where 2 violent acts have been committed by mentally unstable citizens. Our hearts go to the families of those killed and to those injured and to everyone who now feel unsafe as Toronto was known as Toronto the Good and with shootings and stabbings and these senseless acts Toronto is starting to mimic other cities with high crime rates.

    We also feel for the parents of these boys who have seen the horror their children ilnflicted and the desperation of the parents to get help for their son. That’s why as journalists we focus on the 1 billion in the EHealth scandal of the former Liberals where consultants received over $1000 a day to do nothing and they even charged tax payers 3.25 for coffee and muffins meanwhile there is not enough funding for mental health and our regular OHIP doctors. Patients waiting many months for surgery or specialists.

    Journalists need to be tough with questions and those who have the power to change but don’t are cowards. If these people dont like it then shape up. Find the courage to stand up to the criminals or mobsters in law enforcement and government. Don’t expect someone else to do it. Change starts with you.

    A journalist received backlash after writing an article in the papers after the Yonge St van attack. Why? Everyone copes with tragedy in their own way and this person did it their way. Time to focus where the blame truly lies. Never attack people working to expose corruption but send the message to those who are corrupted and cover the corrupt. Express your indignation at them.

    Arif you express your anger in your blog. You express your frustration and we feel your pain. It saddens us. Don’t be afraid.

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