FSCO relation with UNICA insurance 3 months still no decision yet ,

Unica insurance has connections everywhere  and their people in everywhere,as we know so far ,in superior court of Justice connections are;judge Pollack and Judge Lederer. Fisco connection is Arbitrator Richardson. I don’t know how many people they have in Provincial or in Fedaral parliament but, what we know is money talks. It has been more than 3 months now I am still waiting for the decision of the arbitrator for my A/B matter. I know insurance people around me learned the decision 3 weeks before and don’t ask me how I know this )).Insurance knows the decision and hold it back there ,try not to release and using their people who gets paid by Unica to manage the FSCO. FSCO is Goverment estabilisment to regulate manythings and one of them is insurance ,ships are in wolf hands lol  very well. FSCO has responsibilities to clear this people from inside the FSCO ,unfortunately we don’t know how much corruption in FSCO and how many people working for both sides. I just want to tell you this;they became bones inside the GOVERNMENT and they don’t even know who is who lol,little bit hard to clean these rats. Please feel free the comments and Idea how to clean rats from the Goverment,like a puzzle ,we don’t know how many they are ,in what position ,they are in parliament for sure,superior court of Justice and FSCO ,where else and what are they capable of. I send fax FSCO on February 6-2015  to Senior Arbitrator J.Macey and asked for the decision see what will happen now,who is holding the decision ,because I know decision has been made maybe 1 month ago or earlier and they don’t let it released,who ever is holding this decision ,he is or she is the one working for both side ,Arbitrator Richardson we know that you are working for the Unica Insurance ,are you holding this decision or there are others who is working for the Unica Insurance are holding the decision.Funy think is 2 weeks ago I called and I was told that it has been editing,  like putting coma and checking spelling ,who believes that lol,they put citizens in a stupid position to show their stupidities .If you want to lie ,find something little more smarter than this,decision has been made and I know from the insurance people ,I called FSCO and they are lying ,bull shiting that is how thinks are going on in Goverment establishment.One of them say that I should go and fight with Canadapost the other one says that we are editing ,putting coma and checking spelling.Good keep going like this , be careful ,people are not stupid. I wonder who is managing FSCO ,I mean who is the manager in there ,ok I understand court house and Master dogie says that we should go and fight with Canada Post for the decision ,FSCO says I should wait for spelling,and putting coma ,editing,lol what are you editing ,2 page maximum. Here one side COURT  the other side FSCO wich one is better ,none. who ever is managing those places  , needs some  intellectuality,and a brain. I will call and try to reach this senior Arbitrator J. Macey to get my decision and I will keep you all up to date ,either for the  truth or for more bullshits.

Today on Monday feb 9 2015

I have just called fsco to speak with arbitrator J Macey and I was told that I can not speak with her !

Question1:why can’t I speak with her?

Question2:Who does J Mackey  thinks she is, by not responding my fax?

Question3: I do know Fsco is in corruption is J Macey involved with this?

Question 4:How long more are they going to run away?

Question 5:Where is my arbitration decision and what are they changing on it?I know the decision has been already made and UNICA already knows that.

Question 6 :Do I have right get my arbitration decision?

I will keep you all up to date daily that  How long this bullshit will go.

Feb 14 -2015I have been still waiting for the decision and I already let them know that  I will investigate the decision originality to make sure no one change the decision.Insurance has people even arbitrator to do that so,still waiting for the decision and I don’t trust FSCO at all after what I have experienced with this law society and insurance relations.

View complain against judge Pollack and another complain against chief of Justice Heather Forster Smith

We all remember this judge Pollack  from my tort trial that she switched the trials with Judge Lederer 2 days before the trial date,if the Lederer is guilty for bribery and this corruption ,Pollack has to be blamed for the same allegations.By letting Lederer to switch trials Pollock is guilty for bribery and corruption in superior court of Justice as well as Lederer.

Pollock may be not a drug addict like Lederer but,she has responsibility carry of her duty that she has assigned for and she failed to do so and obviously this has been set up at least 2 days before the trial so she must have gotten some money from the insurance company.

Lets come to the Chief of Justice who did not do her job all of the below.

She has been failed to do her job poraperly.
determining the sittings of the court;
assigning judges to the sittings;
assigning cases and other judicial duties to individual judges;
determining the sitting schedules and places of sittings for individual judges;
determining the total annual, monthly and weekly workload of individual judges; and
preparing trial lists and assigning courtrooms, to the extent necessary to control the determination of who is assigned to hear particular cases.

In  addition to specific statutory obligations, the Chief Justice has significant duties under the common law, including an overarching responsibility to protect the Court’s institutional independence.

I filled up my formal complain agains both lady,Pollack and Heather Forster Smith.

Feb 14 -2015

I have received a letter from canadian judical councilI says that ,”my allegations against Pollack is bare and and is not sufficient to engage council judical conduct review.Complaint must provide valid and factual basis that concerns conduct of a judge before a meaningful review can be done”

I am asking why did they switch  the trials ,isn’t that enought for you to investigate  that there must have been a reason to do that.My allegations against her in my view is still valid and they can not clear unles they tell us ,how much insurance money has been paid to those judges.As you see they are trying to cover them up and say that, they can’t do anything with trial assignment and it doesn’t have any relations with judical council.

Very well then ,since when judge can choose trials?

If they assign themselves ,what the hell is Chief of Justice doing there?

Canadian Judical council shows their credibility by ignoring trials switch and they choose not to investigate any bribery.

Canadian Judical council shows that they are not independent and don’t do their job properly,if you ask little kids even they would say switching trials are not normal and smells bad.

What kind of monkey business is this by putting citizens in stupid positions,system doesn’t work.

I made my complain about chief of Justice to Governer of General and this is the last step that I am taking there is no further step left ,Justice minister choose to be silent about what is going on  and Justice minister ignore this corruption That  I already let him know long time ago.

Neither Federal government conservatives working nor ontario liberal government.



QUESTION:Does UNICA INSURANCE MAFIA has any credibilities?(answer is:Written in my blog,who is UNICA and what are they capable of,such as,buying JUDGE LEDERER or ARBITRATOR RICHARDS ,vandalizing cars,threats insured,counterfeit,destroying MRI reports from hospitals records,preparing fake invoice like saying 10 k has been paid to the insured ,buying doctors or your lawyers.)


NOW you are going to read an unbelievable decision,as you see in this decision Arbitrator RICHARDS  has been sold out,read carefully this gentlemen involved with no fault accident,he has got doctor reports says the gentleman was healthy before the accident. Here be careful,UNICA insurance has power to buy judges,arbitrators ,laws,politicians,as they did for my tort. You don’t need to be a  arbitrator or judge for judging this decision ,all you need to be a HUMAN. Arbitrator talked about credibility,”what is arbitrator credibility “as a citizen now I am asking this question and we decide after we read all of the below. Accident Benefit Sediqyar and Unica – NON-EARNER BENEFIT; insured claimed that he was substantially disabled from engaging in substantially all pre car accident activities; insured had a significant pre car accident medical history including knee and chronic low back problems; insured’s family doctor claimed that insured was in good health before the car accident; insured claimed that following the car accident he had not been able insurer had video surveillance showing the insured attending worksites and staying all day; insured claims that activity like short walks causes knee and back pain; the arbitrator was of the view that the insured could function at a higher level than insured demonstrated; insured not a reliable witness with selective memory and therefore credibility issues. June 14, 2014, Kitchener, Ontario Date of Decision Date: April 29, 2914 Heard Before: Adjudicator: J. R. Richards Sikander Sediqyar was injured in a car accident on June 25, 2010. He applied for and received statutory accident benefits from Unica Insurance Inc. Unica subsequently terminated the benefits. After failed mediation Mr. Sediqyar applied for arbitration at the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. The particular issues in this hearing are: Is Mr. Sediqyar entitled to a non-earner benefit in the amount of $185.00 per week from December 24, 2010 to date and ongoing? Is Mr. Sediqyar entitled to an attendant care benefit in the amount of $836.57 per month from June 25, 2010 to August 8, 2010 and January 19, 2011 to June 24, 2012? Is Mr. Sediqyar entitled to housekeeping and home maintenance benefits in the amount of $100.00 per week from June 25, 2010 to July 18, 2010 and $24.00 per week from September 13, 2010 to October 30, 2011 and $100.00 per week from October 31, 2011 to June 24, 2012? Is Mr. Sediqyar entitled to a Special Award? Is Mr. Sediqyar entitled to interest for the overdue payment of benefits? Result: Mr. Sediqyar is not entitled to a non-earner benefit in the amount of $185.00 per week from December 24, 2010 to date and ongoing. Mr. Sediqyar is not entitled to an attendant care benefit in the amount of $836.57 per month from June 25, 2010 to August 8, 2010 and January 19, 2011 to June 24, 2012. Mr. Sediqyar is not entitled to housekeeping and home maintenance benefits in the amount of $100.00 per week from June 25, 2010 to July 18, 2010 and $24.00 per week from September 13, 2010 to October 30, 2011 and $100.00 per week from October 31, 2011 to June 24, 2012. Mr. Sediqyar is not entitled to a Special Award. Mr. Sediqyar is not entitled to interest for the overdue payment of benefits. Unica’s position is that Mr. Sediqyar had chronic, low back pain prior to the motor vehicle accident and that the accident did not lead to a complete inability for Mr. Sediqyar to lead a normal life. Unica asserts there are serious credibility issues with Mr. Sediqyar’s case, and that it is impossible to conclude that Mr. Sediqyar cannot carry on a normal life because he has not presented enough evidence to give a clear picture of his pre-accident life. Furthermore, Mr. Sediqyar has not presented evidence substantiating his need for assistance to care for himself or to engage in his housekeeping and home maintenance. Unica introduced surveillance videos of Mr. Sedigyar attending worksites and staying all day, casting Mr. Sedigyar’s claim into doubt. Mr. Sediqyar who suffered chronic low back before the car accident claims he used to take care of his children and played sports regularly. His claim is that now he cannot spend time with his children, has required knee surgery and 3 hernia operations. He takes prescription medication for his knee and back. He claims even short walks cause him knee and back pain. He asserts that he needed assistance up to 104 weeks after the accident to care for himself and to carry out his housekeeping duties. Medical records of Mr. Sedigyar prior to the accident showed a pre-existing meniscal tear and a disc problem in his back. He was given prescription medication and went to an orthopedic surgeon on referral, both of which Mr. Sedigyar claimed not to recall. His family doctor’s assessment was that Mr. Sedigyar was in good health before the accident. Post accident assessments indicate that physicians believe Mr. Sedigyar exaggerates his symptoms. The conclusion preferred by Arbitrator Richards was that that Mr. Sediqyar can function at a higher level than he demonstrated. Arbitrator Richards was not convinced that Mr. Sedigyar’s back and knee pain were accident related. Arbitrator Richards found that Mr. Sediqyar did not present sufficient evidence to persuade him that Mr. Sedigyar is continuously prevented from engaging in substantially all of the activities in which he engaged before the accident. The threshold test for entitlement to a non-earner benefit is particularly strict and requires a significant degree of impairment and a marked, measurable impact on levels of function and consequent ability of the insured person to continue in his pre-accident activities. In general Arbitrator Richards did not find Mr. Sedigyar’s claims to be consistent or reasonable. Mr. Sedigyar’s selective memory, failure to disclose his medical history fully. And the perception he tailored his evidence, brought his credibility into doubt. On the basis of this and the evidence presented Arbitrator Richards ruled against Mr. Sedigyar’s claims. Question 1:Who is this arbitrator ,well sory,animals are better then this arbitrator.? Question 2:How much did this Richards guy get from UNICA INSURANCE Mafia? Question 3:Is this Aribrator knows human health better then the doctors.(my answer is no he can’t because,he is not a human) Question 4:Is this creature sleeping well after this decision? Now wake up people this is just one example,there are many more I believe,what is going on?who is insurance?who is law and who are we?what is going on,next time this could happen to you ,your son,your daughter,your wife and believe me people not easy to deal with these mafia because ,they are in power,they have more power then the Canadian federal government and Ontario provincial government. Goverment has to protect their citizens and unfortunately as you see they don’t care and some of them is already part of this mafia. Question 5: Are these companies more important then citizens?(answer here is yesss,as a human you have no value at all) QUESTION 6:Does Richard guy has any credibility (answer is :no he doesn’t have any credibility by giving this nonsense decision)

Question 7:Does UNICA INSURANCE MAFIA has any credibilities?(answer is:Written in my blog,who is UNICA and what are they capable of,such as,buying JUDGE LEDERER or ARBITRATOR RICHARDS ,vandalizing cars,threats insured,counterfeit,destroying MRI reports from hospitals records,preparing fake invoice like saying 10 k has been paid to the insured and it isn’t true,buying doctors or your lawyers.)

This is a response e-mail for the Canadian Judical Council.

Because of the judge I lost this trial and I have to apply for appeal,why? Is this my fault ?that decision should have been dropped automatically as long as judge is a drug addict and sold out.
I didn’t put this Lederer guy there ,who ever is responsible they supposed to pay for the appeal,why should I pay for the appeal or wait for the decision?This Pollock and Lederer switched the trials and I have to pay for it.This Lederer shit is yours to clean or Pollock, it is not my job ,nor my responsibility.At the end I have to pay for everything ,this is not fair, Are you investigating this Lederer and Pollock or not?
Let’s say I go to appeal ,how could I know the judge is not going to be sold,it happened once. Are you going to give me a guarantee for judge is not going to sold out .For me there is nothing left to trust these judges or Canadian Laws and legal system.
Should I seek my Justice by myself ?what is your suggestion ?at the end I am the one who is suffering.
Suggesting for appeal is easy for you guys ,are you guys going to pay for the expenses,what if I don’t have money ,how could I appeal the decision.
Sent from my iPad

I wonder if they check judges every year for intoxication or drug,he looks like a drug addict and his behaviour wasn’t normal either,Judge Lederer for sale I won’t appeal the decision ,this will stay for ever to show every one the realty

Judge was apointed my case by the Insurance company
My trial has started 1 week later and judge has been changed 2 days before the trial,at the court house the judge supposed to be in my trial has been assigned other trial and at the same day,obviously judge wasn’t sick nor in emergency situation ,Question ,why has judge been changed 2 days before the trial,
Question,why has my trial started 1 week later
Question,who is asigning judges  to trials? By giving too much power to insurance companies They became mafia,start ruling and crushing citizens very well.They say we should blame MPPs because,MPPs gave too much power to insurance companies,very well what is next are they going to make you all puppets,or they already did.
Only idiots shoots their legs,history will be coming soon. The result by itself will not effect me ,it effects every single citizen ,If I lost my tort for the rear ended at no fault accident ,with 3 MRI reports one of them for the brain injury and 1 X-ray and Catastropic report OCF 19 ,guess what will happen to the cases in the future,obviously Judge was sided and no matter what you put in the middle , at the end, if the judge talks with the jury and says something no matter who you are you will loose the case.

Sorry ordinary citizens that juri had no idea what they did and no idea consequences of the result ,if they knew what they did to the people, they wouldn’t have listen to the judge ,because 2 days left to the trial some how judges have been switched and the judge from the beginning of the trial showed himself who he was and you didn’t  need to be smart to relies that judge has been sold out.

I won’t appeal the decision ,this decision should stay as it is forever and by this decision no one will win the case against insurance companies anymore because,decisions has power to effect every other cases from now on,if I lost at no fault accident and I have the damages proved by MRI report that they are certain and no one can question them,no matter what type of damages you have got or injuries you have got result of the accident ,no one could win any case any more ,do you know why ,because of the decision of my case will effect other’s for ever ,this trial will publish and every one will read the trial and this trial will became history of shame of the law society.Bunch of clowns got together and set up a theatre.

Good luck for everyone and as soon as I received the transcript,I will publish it in here so you guys can learn the processing ,what is told in the trial.

Again I won’t appeal the decision and I won’t do this favour to the law society,from now on they have to deal my case in every other cases and no one will have a chance to win any injury cases anymore,

if jury knew what game has been played on their decision and what was the consequences of their decision and, how the decision would affect every single citizen ,they wouldn’t have believed the judge and they wouldn’t have given this decision,they weren’t aware of the game played on juri,and I feel sorry about the jury and I wished they would have been smarter not the fall in this trap,they are ordinary citizen just like me ,I hope one day your close one or you don’t involve any accident .do you know what will happen when they sue,my case will be thrown front of them by the insurance company lawyers and that is it ,they will say you have no claim because of this case, they give as an example of my case and insurance will say he has at no fault ,and he has 3 MRI reports, 1 X-ray and he has been catastrophic because of OCF 19 has been filled up by one of my doctor,and they will say this case is lost and they will say sorry you don’t even have a case whether you are cathastrophic or you have MRI reports or X-rays that show and proof the damages ,they will say sorry this gentlemen had same story and even he had more evidence then you and he lost.

every single case will come and cross the decision of my case.

Good for you people ,good for everyone ,I am really happy because of the decision ,this decision will be a good example of the Law society of the gang members relation with the insurance companies and shows how easy, they sell the case ,I didn’t loose but ontario citizens lost big time.Billion dollars company buys everyone including judges ,my case is a good example ,please read the transcript when I publish and this transcript explains full story,my case will be teaching at law schools and they will study on my case in law schools ,lawyers from all over the North America will learn this and they wouldn’t want to believe this case happened and obviously smells.I will pass this and I already did ,I forgot even,but this trail will be stick on this law society for ever,and became the history of shame for the Canada.

I did my best and I even invited the press to watch my case but,no one have bother to come and whatch the case ,No one can blame me for the result of this case,as long as judges sold out ,even if you bring world number one lawyer comes and defence your case would have gotten the same result,even if you bring 100 lawyers to defend this case, they will loose because of the judge has been sold out ,so simple as it is.

Good for you law society ,good for you personall injury lawyers and good for you ordinary citizens you will all suffer from now on because of the result of my case,

Master Muir,Master Abrams , Wendy Sokoloff and other Gang members of law society.

I had 2 motions for bills of previous lawyers.

First one with master Muir

Second one with master Abrams


I didn’t know what motion was,I had a letter from previous lawyer wich one was motion call,I went there because lack of knowledge about the law,MONSTER MUIR has given me a charging order how ever I found out he order or decision  wasn’t right,and MONSTER already knew that instead of judging fairly he judge monsterly and he knew his decision wasn’t right so,that shows how those gang members are protecting each other’s,you, me,or other citizens has no right ,they have got the powers and they are using and abusing their powers just  like others(such as police officers esc.)


This time master Abrams ruled ,Wendy SOKOLOFF was asking her bills to be paid by getting charging order against me.

That time I learned the law and I knew what should be said at the hearing so,I explained and showed the law about the charging  order and master has decided to give the decision after 2 days ,2 days later there was a phone call this is Master Abrams and I am letting know your decision has been mailed out,I have got shock why did she called me to let me know because it doesn’t happened that way, odd ,they don’t call anyone,they mail Decisions and that is it.(Later on found out her secreter has called according to her)

After 1 week I did not receive anything then I called her and her secretary answer and sad “if I have a problem I should blame the Canada Post” lol “or I should comedown to the court house and ask the copy”,next day I went to the court house and asked the copy of the decision ,”it is missing” they couldn’t find.

I went downstairs and asked to speak with master Abrams ,her annoying secreter came and she sad “there is no file with her and I can’t speak with master and I should go and fight with Canada Post” lol.I told her she was lying and she has never send that mail out, then her collar turned red and she runed inside, so, I left the court house and I am gona check that decision again tomorrow however ,I believe Wendy Sokoloff has finger in this and she probably paid her out for destroying the decision or not sending me.Here is the decision favour to the lawyer ,no matter what you do ,if you read the law to the master that their decision does not change,I am questioning of how  fair their decision is.Shame on you monsters ,shame on you.What we learned from this experience ,In Toronto these people became gang ,they rule ,they ruin ,probably most of them are in Masonic group ,they are all over and you guys are working like a donkey paying tax for who and for what,for this people ,for master ,for police officer ,for politicians or judges to get paid and abusing system and abusing their power to crush citizens, taxpayers ,working people that they don’t even have a time to think and they don’t know what is going on around them,when they need their rights  they face with this system and gangs so, either they go crazy or they go to jail.

You have,I have,other citizens have no rights no matter what the law says .Do not trust the law ,law doesn’t protect you ,law protects ;banks,big coop,gang members of law society and member of Masonic groups.

Current arbitration hearing and my last lawyer 7 th one again sold out This hearing will publish when it is finish so everyone can read, it is open to the public Unica Insurance Mafia vs me

My arbitration hearing has begun on 14 th oct 2014 ,at the first day it was shock just few minutes before the arbitration has started ,  I have got  a fax from my lawyer says he is not going show up to the hearing ,I already relaize something smells bad before 2 days of the arbitration and finally I found out the morning of the hearing  what was smelling  bad)) Defence side and adjuster was already knew because of the way they look at me that morning.After we went inside the hearing room ,I found out that negotiating and bargain has started with my lawyer and Unica insurance on October the 9 th 2014 so everything was set up in that week,the plan was perfect that they will leave me there with out lawyer and they though this could finish me and finish my fight against Unica insurance mafia.

I don’t know how much money Cemal Acikgoz got but, it doesn’t matter anymore because I was ready to represent myself with or with out lawyer and I have been representing myself at the hearing against Unica insurance mafia,shocked has been turned to the other side becausethey weren’t expecting that I would start arbitration any how with or with out lawyer ,story will continue ….

30 th October 2014

Arbitration hearing has been finished ,submissions have been made,I am not very optimistic about the result because of my experience with UNICA insurance mafia that they can reach everywhere ,I do trust my case and I know that I am %100 right butI don’t trust UNICA.

Any how if the result comes not satisfy to me ,I will definitely appeal the decision all the way.

At least I know I did my best.We will all see the result how it is going to be.



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