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Slut lawyer Tripta Sood and Bullshit Society Upper Canada

Mother fucker David Cass is still protecting Lawyer’s ass in LSUC



Justice piece of shit Lederer,from superior court of Justice Toronto


Is he still blowing  cocaine?

well come to Canada and Canadian justice system

Read this ass holes in my blog ,this Homo is still working ,question is why?

If this piece of shit Lederer still working in Canadian justice system ,so fuck the Canadian justice system from bottom to top.

These ass holes have been appointed by fucktop Harper government ,Lederer and bunch of others serving against public interest.Other piece of shit judges name mentioned in this blog.

Well, I have seen a lot and written  a lot about this sickness of justice system ,fraud,bribery,from bottom to top,nothing has been changed,these ass holes assets hasn’t been investigated ,how many of shore account do they have , connection of clearing black money ,where do they travel and how many times they travel in a year.

Canadian bullshit justice council  Also mentioned in this blog,the way of covering up others.

If any one think that they can get protection from Canadian justice system,they are sleeping and dreaming ,they will wake up when they face with the system then they will come  cross with my blog  ,will be too late.


Economical insurance lawyer dirty slut Tripta Sood ,remember Joanne blacklock is still number one slut in Toronto

Dirty economical insurance slut Tripta Sood 
This is the number one slut Joanne Blacklock 

Tripta Sood  is number 2 she can not beat the Joanne Blacklock as a prostitute yet she is going to be replace Joanne Blacklock soon,they both have law school diploma that is why they are more expensive then street prostitute.

Do you think that they are lawyers?

If you read the articles about these sluts on this blog you will understand ,why they are expensive dirty sluts and  yes , they are real criminals.

They both have all kind of dirty business,getting order from Unica insurance ,forge documents and perjury their professions.



Sold out JUDGE IRVING W. ANDRÉ Again!! really!!Brampton superior court of delay Justice

I believe in Brampton superior court of Justice doesn’t have many ss hole sold out judges like Toronto courthouses but how ever this individual is the one of them.This motion has been adjourned by different judge before to read the materials and some how this arranged s hole came front of me instead of the other judge who adjourned this motion to read the materials and I wonder where the other judge was.The other judge supposed to hear that motion and somehow Unica insurance assigned this sold out puppet to this case one more time.
As you see nothing has been changed in this corrupted Canadian Justice system,still money talks and insurance is boss.Now I am making one more complaint to the Canadian bullshit council and I am sure that they won’t even response my complaint like they did to my previous complaints.
This individual judge is delaying Justice ,after 2 months still no news and no result,this is happening because insurance wants him to hold the decision  because ,holding Justice is a wasting time for the victim and insurance likes this.

Please read the previous article about this s hole judge.

complaint letter to Canadian(bullshit) judicial council

Here is the one more time that I had to make this complaint.
This individual Irving w.andrea or what ever his name is delaying Justice on purpose,he is working for the Unica insurance company or who ever the organisation that you guys are working for too.
This judge has been assigned this case by the Unica insurance company or the organisation that you guys are working for too.
This judge is receiving bribes just like you are.
This individual judge is making discrimination for the self represent litigants just like you all are.
I told the judge at the motion that he is a sold out puppet and I don’t want him to hear this motion and I requested to adjourn the motion for diffrent judge to hear,this motion already adjourned by diffrent judge before,to read the materials and he is the one who should have heard the case ,unfortunately this individual came front of us instead of the other judge who supposed to hear this motion.
I told the judge that there is a previous complaint against him related to this case for different motion and I told him that he is bias and he is not obeying the Canadian judicial council self represent litigants principles.
He just discriminated my request again and he decided to proceed the hearing.
Now he is delaying Justice on purpose and probably he is waiting to get paid by the insurance company to be able to give Justice for the insurance side but,economical insurance is not paying him and economical insurance won’t pay him anything because ,economical insurance is not like Unica insurance how ever Unica is involved with this judge assignment.
Probably you guys(Canadian judicial council) are waiting to get paid from the pool system to cover this crooked judge like you keep doing others.
The problem is who am I going to make a complaint against you all crooked members of CJC.
Willam Esson and John Clarke have been passed away that I learned from your web page and I can assure you that I don’t care or no one else cares that some old farts have been passed away.Stop putting those dead people names on your web page ,it is annoying nonsense and non of the citizens care that they are dead.This web page is not for you to share some personal relations with others ,this is for citizens so,stop sharing this nonsense sadness on this web page and share it on your own web page.

note:Economical insurance has no banks behind to cover up the cash bribe,once cash bribes has  started it would end at the court of appeal (divisional court) and there will be 3 judges and pool system there,once the insurance start buying judges ,they will be spending cash around 1 million dollars to cover the biribe the first judge +3 appeal judges.Unica insurance has Scotiabank and royal bank so,Unica insurance  can hide those cash flows,economical can not hide that much cash because ,economical insurance is not backing up by any banks ,economical insurance is just selling insurance and that is how they make money.Unica insurance must understand this ,Unica  should be paying  bribes for the economical insurance otherwise economical insurance can not effort that much cash and can not hide that much cash flow.

this is the simple logical conclusion.



Justice of the puppet O.T. Quamina,clown attorney David Boulet

imageMay 30 hearing against economical insurance criminal lawyer Tripta Sood,I went there and saw a good set up.Details are in my complaints below and let’s see what will attorney general do for this criminal mess.

Corruption is not only in one court or not only for civil matter ,every single level of the courts are corrupted ,criminal courts are included.

The Justices of the Peace Review Council
P. O. Box 914,
Adelaide Street Postal Station,
31 Adelaide Street East,
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 2K3

To who may concern:
I would like to make my formal complaint regarding today hearing against Justice of peace name O.T.Quamina
Hearing was on May 30-2016 at 9:30am in Ontario court of Justice room number 103 Old City Hall.
I filled up private prosecution particular against Economical insurance lawyer name Tripta Sood for fraud,perjury,uttering forge documents,misleading Justice.
Unfortunately in today hearing Justice of Peace O.T.Quamina made discriminations against me,as a self represent litigants Justice of peace choose not to proceed hearing,he did not listen to me and he did not give enough credit therefore Justice of Peace has failed to to his job.
There was more then one crime occurred and hearing should have been proceeded.
Justice of peace did not obey the Justice of peace act and regulations under this act,he failed to obey not only one but also all of them.Justice of peace act and regulations has been attached to this letter along with copy of the private prosecution particulars.
Justice of peace ignored the criminal matter and criminal acts, JP also ignored my witness who was waiting outside of the court room to testify.
I would like you to listen the hearing records , please find out what had happened ,what has been told at the hearing and how much JP was ignorant for the criminal matter.
Unfortunately there was no Justice done.
Crown prosecutor David Boulet is also responsible for this result.
Crown David Boulet had talked with the lawyer privately who was representing accused one.After Crown returned to the hearing and he has started act like a lawyer of the accused one who is Tripta Sood.
I don’t know how much bribed had happened today hearing,today theatre will be stick in the Canadian Justice system as another shame for protecting criminal Economical insurance lawyer Tripta Sood.

Note:This letter will be published in my web page and also will be published with rest of the world including Member of Parliaments to show and proof that there is no Justice in Canada,real criminals are in Law Society.This will poof how much criminal lawyers are protected and how come they are above the law.

(3) The following are among the goals that the Associate Chief Justice Co-ordinator of Justices of the Peace may seek to achieve by establishing standards of conduct for justices of the peace:
1. Recognizing the independence of justices of the peace.
2. Maintaining the high quality of the justice system and ensuring the efficient administration of justice.
3. Enhancing equality and a sense of inclusiveness in the justice system.
4. Ensuring that conduct of justices of the peace is consistent with the respect accorded to them.
5. Emphasizing the need to ensure the on-going development of justices of the peace and the growth of their social awareness through continuing education. 2006, c. 21, Sched. B, s. 12.
To the Attorney General regarding complaint against crown David Boulet who has been failed to do his job.

According to this:
Legislation found under the Ministry of the Attorney General Act.
Section 5 (c) and (h) it is stated that the Attorney General :

(c) shall superintend all matters connected with the administration of justice in Ontario

(h) shall conduct and regulate all litigation for and against the Crown or any ministry or agency of government in respect of any subject
within the authority or jurisdiction of the Legislature

That is why.
I would like to make a complaint against one of the Crown David Boulet to attorney general. David Boulet ,who has been in today hearing court room 103 old city hall at 9 am,he acted as a lawyer of the accused instead of obeying law and working for Justice.Accused person was a lawyer and the lawyer has been protected by the crown David Boulet.Unfortunately he talked privately with the accused person’s lawyer who represent the criminal action of the lawyer Tripta Sood.Jutice is undone and did not proceed after the first hearing.David Boulet has failed to do his job ,by protecting a lawyer of criminal acts.Please listen that short hearing record, that has been recorded by court and find out the truth and what has been told at the hearing.

For investors ,Canadian civil justice,there is none.

imageimageIf you buy a judge there will be no justice ,if there is no justice there will be no government.

Government is puppet in here,nothing more,Puppets of banks and big cooperation,corruption in Justice system ,government has no power  to stop it.

5 years of fights and warnings   proofs that there is no authority.

Scotiabank is the head of corruption that they are also owner of the Royal Bank Canada.

Here is Canadian civil justice one small example,there is no law here for civil trials ,related to business and international trading ,no one can seek their legal right in Justice system ,because fraud is all over the court system from bottom to top ,banks,insurance companies are assigning judges and bribing them,any foreign investor is in danger of fraud,no one can seek their legal rights in civil trials,lose lose situation ,risk is high ,this is a second thought for any investors who wants or thinking about investing Canada.Simple and valuable warning for every one.Here is the story:

Warning ,this case became public interest and constitutional for the Canadian citizens ,the result will effect every single one of you,well good luck with that ,I did my best and don’t blame me for your future loss.

Copy of My Complaint to Canadian Bullshit council.

Today,there was appeal hearing at the osgoode hall,130 Queen st west court room 2.
I appealed the decision of Drug Addict Judge Lederer.
Appeal judges were ignorant and did not listen properly that my lawyer put the error on the original case which has been made by Cochaine addict Judge Lederer.
Appeal judges are involved with fraud and bribery,bribe investigations are yours to make ,it can not be proofed by me.Cash money is not easy to fallow and can not be a witness ,unless otherwise you make the investigations that you have the power to make a proper investigations.
Just like Judge Lederer ,he was using Cochaine and you guys covered him up 6 months later, you pulled him to Ottawa for 6 months then you put him back to work again.
Now same thing happened to the divisional court,insurance paid those 3 judges very well,decision has been already made long time ago,long before Me and my lawyer showed up to the hearing.
Well I was sure that fraud would have happened at the divisional court too even before my appeal application prepared and now today hearing showed me that I was right.
Fraud and bribery is going on all over the Canadian court system.
I was calling you Canadian bullshit council and probably you will make me right about naming you that way after this complaint ,because you will cover them all again with out proper investigation.Even if you don’t do anything about these judges ,this shame will be yours and the shame will stay forever in the history of the judicial system in Canada.
After I made my complaint against the judge Lederer or let’s call him drug addict Lederer ,you said that i should go to appeal if the decision is biased,I did that and appealed ,only difference I see now ,3 more judges have got richer.
Don’t tell me that I should go to Supreme Court if I am not satisfied with the decision of the appeal court,there is no money left for me to go higher and only option left is for me to declare bankruptcy after all.
Thanks for doing nothing and please keep sucking citizens blood this way,keep ignoring human rights.judge Sarah Pepall and Joanne Blacklock was blinking each other just before they went to recess to make a decision.That doesn’t matter what my lawyer tried to show ,they were happy and can see judges teeth,happiness of getting richer.How much did it cost to buy 3 judges ,1 million dollars?,probably around there.Where will they clear that money,in an island banks? I am just curious about the Supreme Court,how much would they pay those judges,many judges would cost a lot.I am %100 sure that even if I take this case to the Supreme Court,they will pay them too.
Note:This one will be published on my blog too.

To MP’s:
This has been send to Memebers of parliament too because ,this case became a public interest.that means effecting every single citizens

My case became public interest after I lost the appeal,you may be not aware of this or how serious issue ,just ask any lawyer in the house that they can explain you what I mean.
My case will be showing and using by every single insurance companies against the insured.I did my best and that is it for me now.No one will get any money from the insurance nor they can proof their personal injury with MRI reports,X-ray and CAT report.I had 3 MRI one of them brain ,one X-ray and Catastrophic report has been filled by specialist for my injuries.
MRI reports ,CAT reports or X-ray reports became useless and there is no other way to proof personal injury if you ever have any.They will throw my case front of the citizens and they will say you have no case doesn’t matter even if you have brain injury and shows on the MRI,or body injuries show on X-ray and MRI.
That one was my case and good luck everyone else with that in the future.At least no one can blame me because of this ,I did my best to fight against insurance companies and they bribed appeal judges too after the Lederer,My lawyer was ignored at the hearing.I don’t know maybe you guys deserve this or citizens deserve this.Well I don’t know what to say,this will be a public interest and will effect every single person in Canada. Thanks for not fixing and ruining the justice system very well.And good luck every one with that.
Again I didn’t only lose this Appel ,but also every single citizen does, lol.Well you guys are in the house and don’t even know probably what is going on out there,well honestly you guys are useless for the future of this country and for citizens.
I made my warning after my first trial and send every one of you e-mail regarding this issue,because I knew where this would go,but after 2 years nothing has been changed what I see.Again repeading myself this became public interest and will affect every single one of you or your relatives or any citizen in this country.
Dear MP
Are you going to clear this mess as a MP?

After cochaine addict judge Lederer from the superior court of Justice

Appeal court

Justice John Laskin

Justice Sarah Pepall

Justice David Brown

Harpers left overs,judges have been assigned by companies,they don’t judge or give fair justice all they care is collecting money and receiving bribe.