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Worth to investigate tax free money

Please investigate this corruption is about tax free money.
Let me tell you how this is happening.
Personal injury lawyers,insurance lawyers and insurance doctors gets paid by insurance companies for the job done (under table money tax free)
Everything comes to the insurance companies, if you start investigating I am sure they are writing this money some where under some name.It must be easy to find from their accountant department.
Where did I come to this conclusion ?
Answer is ;travelling lawyers outside of Canada frequently and they clear the money over seas in different country’s banks.
Personal injury lawyers are making huge amount of cash from the insurance companies and this money is tax free money is being paid under the table by the insurance companies.Same with doctors less amount but still tax free under the table money.
Insurance companies make assessment to their clients who ever claim anything from the insurance companies.Insurance doctors give reports for the insurance sides mostly, no matter how much damage you have got.You have MRI reports shoving the damages but still they give good report to the insurance companies and they get their under the table money and sure it is tax free.
I found out this by myself because I claim from the insurance company for benefits because of my accident and last4 years I have been searching and fallowing every step as close as possible and last 1 year things get interesting.
So i figured out from lawyers travelling a lot, I have changed 6 of them and every mont h they go to vacation some how!
Probably they are not getting huge amount but little by little stealing these monies from the country.
They can not carry huge cash and that is why they are travelling frequently.
Unfortunately this money belongs to tax payers citizens and some how, if ordinary citizen claim something from the insurance same shit happens; lawyers sell the case in certain points and innocent citizens either gets nothing or they get little because of the system that they have build up.
When you change lawyer and go to other one you will see your old lawyer name on the trial list even after 1 year you fired him or her,that means they are all working together.
You think you have changed the lawyer ,”it is wrong “nothing has been changed because the system they have build each other and they share at the end.
Client thinks lawyer has been changed ,wrong , nothing has been change if you go and look at the trial list from the court , you will see with your own eyes they are still fucking you very well .Nothing has been changed.
Most of the lawyers are member of this gang and they steal from who ever needs that money and that is how they have fancy offices in downtown or huge houses.
Or diamonds all over and shoes made of snake skin.

Insurance feed their people werywell, such as lawyers,doctors,survalience people and people they hire for illegal action.They spend 500 k or more sometimes ,because you claim 300k maybe so instead they pay you 300 k ,insurance rather spends and feed stheir doctors,lawyers,survalience and so on 500k. It is funy reason because if they pay you, other people will know and other people start claiming for their accident .The question is ;if people involve with accident and if they don’t have permanent injuries and they can’t proof with MRI reports they don’t claim anything ,even if they claim, (that they have right to do by law) there are steps for that , judges or juries decide how much the injuries worth ,but, unfortunately in Toronto,insurance puts themselves into judge or jury position and they decide instead obeying laws and respecting person injuries.There are doctors and hospitals and X-ray and MRI to show and proof mild,major or severety of injuries.
Don’t sleep Toronto Be awake for another(monkey business )